The Strength of Breatharianism

The Power of Meditation And Fasting

Wiley Cecil Brooks introduced himself to the world by lifting over 1100 pounds of weight (nearly ten time his body weight at the time) on the ABC National TV Program That's Incredible! According to Wiley Brooks, he gained this strength after finishing a spiritual journey of fasting and meditation on top of a mountain in which he discovered that we are all the One Infinite Creator.

Wiley always stated that the lighter your body, the stronger it will be. All of the universe is made up of intelligent energy in the form of light. As the physical body is transformed by the mind to become less physically dense (i.e., more spiritual,) it is perceived as more densely packed with light; allowing the mind to use it more as a communication device to express miracles.
Please note that the idea of Breatharianism and fasting are actually two different things. Fasting gives you a peak into Breatharianism but only a peak. If one is not ready to be a Breatharian, prolonged and improper fasting can cause imbalances within the body and even early termination of one's yellow ray chemical physical body.

Fasting, if done correctly, can act as the stairs upwards towards one's healing journey; acting as a remedy for healing one's body complex, and mind complex of negative thought-form distortions existing the illusion of one's mind/body/spirit complex. Fasting, or some form of abstaining from certain thoughts and foods, is powerful.