Less Is More

Being Minimal

Sometimes, to think less, to feel less, and to do less is actually more effective than to think more, feel more, and do more. When it comes to the consumption of food, this is not always the case for some entities, but for a wide range of entities, a diet that is minimal in nature may be an ideal for remaining youthful, strong, and happy.

With all the talk surrounding diets, there is a strong principle from Breatharianism that plays a role in most of the diets that "cure" many entities of our plane; consuming less food or less toxic food. Breatharianism is the idea of being sustained by nothing but The Breath of Love but the idea of fasting is like a undeveloped baby version of this idea.

Fasting is one of the most powerful healing remedies that exist on our plane of vibration. However, after a fast is completed, many entities are quite confused as to what is best to consume. It is within the limits of our very limited perception that eating lightly, naturally, and sparingly, would decrease the amount of mental and bodily distortions within an entity.

The idea of consuming properly prepared vegetables, fruits, grains, and animal meats, very minimally, for bodily sustenance, the learning of patience, and the opportunities for social communion, seems to "tower over" all of the diets that swing from one extreme to the next. When dieting, it is not so much about what one starts eating, but what one stops eating.