The Key of All Keys

You, as an illusionary entity, are a complex of energy focuses. You are energy. Your natural state of being is that of pure peace, pure joy, and pure excitement. When you are not doing what you love to do, you are literally starving yourself. However, if you have ever noticed, that when you are focused purely on something that excites you, you sleep, drink, and eat less.

When you are doing that which excites you, you are aligning with the truer vibration of your or the naturally intelligent energy state of your being. This causes you to become more whole, creating less difference, and less of that experience which you call time; you become more of your natural timeless state of beingness.

To increase the probability of one being a Breatharian, living as/on the limitless light of creation, one must be aligned more and more with their natural energy state of excitement and passion. These emotions of excitement and passion are the translation that you feel in your body when you are aligned with the higher aspects of your being.

Acting on your excitement is simple. Here are the steps: Let go of all expectations. Shift your vibration to appreciation; lock in this state of being so that it does not waiver. With impeccable discernment, act on whatever is an expression of your highest excitement; knowing that whatever happens is exactly what you need for spiritual growth.

If being a Breatharian is for your life path, you do not have to worry and force yourself into being a Breatharian; you will naturally, as you raise your vibration more and more via following your excitement, "attract" all that you need that will assist you into becoming a Breatharian. Therefore, one can relax, enjoy, and pay attention the mirror of self that is the universe.