About Breatharianism

Living On (As) Light/Love

Breatharianism teaches that when man reaches his natural state of being, which is one of unspeakable peace, he will be in harmony with the true vibration of The Infinite Creator; removing the need for water, sleep, and food. Man is one with his creator; able to dervive sustenance directly from the limitless light that is The Infinite Creator.

Breatharians are beings of love/light and light/love that portray their consciousness as the illusion of physical instruments that don't require water, sleep and/or food; living on the light/prana (life-force love energy) that exist in and as The Breath of Life (i.e., The Breath of Love.) The light/love that exist within The Breath of Life also exists as all things.

Breatharianism is not about forcing the self to refrain from drinking, sleeping or eating. If one is feeling a craving to drink, sleep, or eat, it is appropriate to satisfy that craving. The idea of Breatharianism is not one of force but by one of the physically "impossible" becoming possible via contact with Infinite Intelligence via one's spirit complex.

It is not that each and every individual, in their natural state of being, will choose to express themselves as a Breatharian. It is more so that this choice is made available to those whose life programming has been programmed as such. Therefore, there are some human beings who will continue to eat, and some who will not.

To eat or not eat does not make one more or less spiritual. It is more about why and how much someone eats as to the unconscious motivation that maybe of the spiritual higher mind or bodily/ego lower mind. Therefore, an understanding of one's psychology as to whether one is eating for nutrition or for emotional stimulation can be observed.

All-That-Is exist within The One's consciousness as a product of the one's willed focus that created all energy; this energy is light. All that manifest as all physical material is light. The energy eaten from food can be supplied to the body complex via one's will. You are the food and the observer of the food; able to consume the food without eating the food.

"Breatharianism is not something you force. Breatharianism is the "impossible" that happens for some entities who remember that all is one, and that all is love/light; you are the limitless light of All-that-Is you don't need to source it from the illusion of "outside."

— Joshua Aira Sabalie